Local police defend use of armored military vehicles

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

By Steve Wilson

Amid heightened attention about the militarization of police, law enforcement agencies across Mississippi are continuing to stock up on military-grade armored vehicles from federal surplus.

Two sheriffs in Mississippi who are beefing up their vehicle fleets with armored vehicles say they’re doing so to protect officers and save tax dollars by acquiring the vehicles at little or no cost. They say the vehicles, designed to protect military troops from improvised explosive devices and mines, can shield their officers from even the most high-level threats.

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One Response to “Local police defend use of armored military vehicles”

  1. Jo says:

    What a travesty – the police need protection form the innocent citizens going about their daily live. We must wrangle, and I mean wrangle and wrestle the control form these rogue police chiefs and cops who are afraid of the American citizens. They are fabricataing horror stories that the citizens of the cities are going to do them harm. I say return the cops on the beat with batons and nothing else. We need major watchdog groups monitoring the police in this country and sooner rather than later. Their defensive brutality if out of control. Thank you for taking my comment. Listen to the American people for once! We can see the blatant dysfunction of our law enforcemnet agencies. in USA. We need change.

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