Franklin Center Unveils Capitol Reporting News Website

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Alexandria, VA – Today, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a national non-profit journalism organization, is revealing a new website which will be dedicated to providing news from the nation’s state capitols. will be a national leading news website, networking with dozens of state-based news organizations to provide in depth coverage of state legislation, government and special interests, state budgets and political/campaign news. is a direct response to the growing vacuum in state-based coverage of the happenings in state capitals,” said Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center. “By placing reporters in state capitals in several states, these reporters will have the opportunity to cover the daily happenings of government and hold elected and public officials accountable to the people.”

As the newspaper industry has taken a substantial hit in the past few years, the coverage and media presence in state capitols has dramatically diminished. An American Journalism Review study found that only 355 full-time newspaper reporters still are based state capitols; 44 statehouses have fewer full-time reporters than they did six years ago. will take content from the Franklin Center’s Statehouse News Bureaus as well as reporters from other news organizations at state capitols. Many of Franklin Center’s Statehouse Bureaus are accredited in their respective state capitols and are included in Google News feeds.

“The Statehouse News Bureaus spend countless hours in their state capitols, wade through mounds of legislative paperwork and know the ins-and –outs of each legislators’ agenda,” said Stverak. “The reporting that Statehouse journalists do is a valuable asset to the media in their area and their entire state.”

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