and Statehouse News Online Now Available As iPhone Apps

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Alexandria, VA– Today, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a national nonprofit journalism organization, announced that its investigative news site,, and its capitol news reporting news site Statehouse News Online are available as an iPhone applications for download.

“At the Franklin Center we embrace all new technology that makes news more accessible to the public. The Watchdog and Statehouse News iPhone applications will bring all of the investigative and capitol news from more than 40 states to readers around the country,” said Jason Stverak, President of Franklin Center. is a collection of independent, investigative journalists covering state-specific and local government activity. is the national leading news source dedicated to providing news from the nation’s state capitols. Both initiatives are the brainchildren of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting new media journalism. Currently, the Franklin Center works with organizations in more than 40 states.

In addition to serving as a news provider, and Statehouse News Online utilizes a state-specific approach, in order to provide readers with information that is of proximate and practical interest. has been operational for more than two years and has been credited with breaking national and state news from coast to coast. Stories broken by our Watchdog reporters include the “phantom stimulus congressional district” story as well as numerous stories exposing taxpayer abuse, voter fraud, and campaign violations. Statehouse News Online was launched ten months ago and networks with dozens of state-based news organizations to provide in depth coverage of state legislation, government & special interests, state budgets and political/campaign news.

About The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity

The Franklin Center is a non-profit group dedicated to providing investigative reporters and non-profit organizations at the state and local level with the training, expertise and technical support necessary to pursue journalistic endeavors. By networking with state-based think tanks, local non-profits, and independent Watchdog reporters across the country, the Franklin Center works against the growing tide of mediocrity and bias in the media and punditry of alternative online sources.  The Franklin Center undertakes programs that promote investigative reporting and the education of the public about corruption, incompetence and abuse of public trust by elected officials. The Franklin Center is also a proud sponsor of and Statehouse News Bureaus.

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