Breitbart Awards Dinner: What People Are Saying

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Franklin Center and Heritage Held the First Breitbart Awards Dinner Saturday June 9 in Providence, Rhode Island at the Future of Journalism Summit.

Read who’s saying what…

Politico: Heritage, Franklin to host Breitbart Awards

The Washington Post: Breitbart Awards recipients announced

The Washington Times: Inside the Beltway: Scott Walker, instant icon

The Providence Journal: Conservatives’ awards timed to clash with Netroots conference

Washington Monthly: The Mainstreaming of Andrew Breitbart

WRNI: Conservative summit to coincide with Netroots Nation

Twitchy: Inaugural Breitbart Awards held

Red Alert Poltics: Breitbart is Here in Providence

Gateway Pundit: Netroots and Breitbart Awards Collide in Providence

Heritage Blog: Heritage to Co-Host ‘Breitbart Awards’ at Future of Journalism Summit

Anchor Rising: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity: Ocean State Current joins Breitbart, Heritage, and Franklin in “Future Of Journalism Summit”

Legal Insurretion: Breitbart Awards and rethinking my blog con phobia

All American Blogger: All American Blogger’s Duane Lester Wins Breitbart Blogger Award

The Gateway Pundit: Conservatives Celebrate Heritage, Franklin Center Breitbart Awards in Providence, Rhode Island

Ace of Spades HQ: Congratulations Are In Order

Red Mass Group: Breitbart Award winners announced

Granite Grok: BE BREITBART – Heritage, Franklin to host Breitbart Awards

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American Spectator Blog: Weekend Political Wrap-Up

One Response to “Breitbart Awards Dinner: What People Are Saying”

  1. Guy Maisnik says:

    Pam Geller
    Ann McElhinney

    Two people to spend their time on the other side of the line, taking great risk.

    Incidentally, you might think about doing one out in Los Angeles and having a bi-coastal award show.

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