Chesterfield registrar scrubs voter list, rips critics

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PURGE: Chesterfield Registrar Larry Haake says only a fraction of the "duplicate" voter list he received from the state was ineligible.

In the end, a list of 2,261 “duplicate voters” in Chesterfield County boiled down to 468 names eligible for cancellation.

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Activists accuse Obama of false narrative to reactivate ACORN voter registration tactics

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ACORN's voter registration tactics could be back in full force

By Kevin Mooney |

If you’re 102 years old and need to wait in line for hours before voting, expect to have your story told in dramatic fashion by the president of the United States. That’s what happened to Desiline Victor, a resident of North Miami, Fla. Where some see a rationale for expanded early voting, same-day voter registration and even mandatory voter registration, others see a false narrative created to promote policy changes that would result in greater federal control over state elections.

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Convicted vote fraudster lobbies against TX election bills

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Former ACORN voter registration director Amy Busefink in court on 13 charges of voter fraud. She was convicted of two counts in a plea deal.

By Jon Cassidy |
Two dozen left-leaning groups have written the state House Elections Committee in opposition to three bills aimed at preventing voter fraud.
Ironically, one of the April 8 letter’s two authors has multiple voter fraud convictions herself.
Amy Busefink, who signed the letter as the deputy director of Project Vote, was convicted in 2010 [...]

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Left works to loosen election rules, experts say

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By Jon Cassidy |
HOUSTON – The Legion of Doom is spending $100 million to wreak chaos on the American electoral system and then exploit that lawlessness to get leftist candidates elected.
That was the message at the annual summit of True the Vote held in Houston in this weekend.
Catherine Engelbrecht, the group’s president, was joking [...]

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Click and go vote: PA lawmaker proposes online registration

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CLICK AND GO VOTE: Should Pennsylvania residents be able to register to vote online?

By Melissa Daniels | PA Independent
HARRISBURG — It’s possible in these days of instant connectivity to monitor nearly every financial, physical and social transaction using the Internet – from banking to travel, and from dieting to dinner reservations.
So should you also be able to declare yourself a legal voter in the state of Pennsylvania online [...]

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