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Disgraced liberal operative Scott Foval’s left-wing friends disappear in Wisconsin

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“I’ve been out of the loop. I wouldn’t comment on anything I know nothing about. Sorry,” Peg Lautenschlager said.

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Liberal and mainstream press twist truth in Wisconsin voter ID story

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“Stacey clearly remembers the situation and all agree that what is portrayed in the sounds bites is not how it went down.”

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Is Vermont’s election safe from hackers?

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Photo courtesy of Verified Voting

Vermont’s secretary of state says the election system is secure after hackers breached databases in Arizona and Illinois, but the ballot-counting machine at the center of the state’s voting process offers little reason for confidence.

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Liberals make ‘torturous’ old arguments about voter ID in court

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The law itself and Wisconsin taxpayers have been tortured by a spate of left-wing lawsuits

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Election official: Proposed voter ID information campaign ‘complete waste of money’

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“We must point out that this is hard-earned taxpayer money,” the Milwaukee election official said. “I would think this is not worthwhile to do.”

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The left lashes out with voter ID melodrama

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“Wisconsin’s Voter ID law has been under attack since it was signed into law nearly five years ago,” said AG Brad Schimel

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