Supreme Court’s blockage of WI voter ID law only temporary, election reform expert says

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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday may have blocked Wisconsin’s voter identification law, but an election reform expert is calling the decision purely procedural and expects the requirement to be in place at some point in the future.
The high court didn’t give a reason for its decision in a brief [...]

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3.7 percent of voters in Burlington’s last big election not on rolls

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Unpublished data from Burlington’s last big election reveals a significant number of votes were cast by individuals whose names were not on the statewide checklist.

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NC: Will judges decide to change voting rules less than 40 days before the election?

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By Ann Kane |
Should North Carolina change its voting rules less than 40 days before a general election?
A three judge panel from the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Richmond,met in Charlotte on Thursday to hear arguments from plaintiffs asking for an injunction against new voting rules established by HB 589 in 2013.
(Listen to audio [...]

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In Vermont even fraudulent votes count

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With early voting under way and election day drawing near, Vermonters can rest assured that every vote counts. Fraudulent votes, legitimate votes, every vote.

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Citizen poll watchers expose need for scrutiny of elections

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FAIR ELECTIONS?: Citizen poll watchers say elections aren't being administered properly.

Counting votes behind closed doors, letting uncertified voters vote, stacking wards with majority party poll workers — questionable activities at Burlington polling places reveal a need for greater scrutiny of elections, two citizen poll watchers say.

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Fairfax: 17 voted twice in same election

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TRACKING VOTES ACROSS STATE LINES: Fairfax Election Board Secretary Brian Schoenemann has sent evidence of dual voting in Virginia and Maryland to state and federal prosecutors.

Want a real-life example of voter fraud? Fairfax County election officials say they have 17 — and they’re providing names to local, state and federal authorities for prosecution.

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