Josh Kaib, Marketing and Communication Manager

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Josh Kaib joined the Franklin Center team in September 2012 and currently serves as Marketing and Communication Manager. In his role, Josh assists with media outreach, manages media tracking and analytics, tracks organizational successes, helps with messaging and content creation, and recruits and supervises interns.

Josh developed an interest in politics and government at an early age, leading him to Washington, DC, where he graduated from American University with a double major in public relations and marketing.

While in high school, he started his first blog. After a few failed attempts at blogging, Josh found success with his college blog, Unamerican University, which profiled academic and administrative bias. He also wrote for the College Fix and had a piece featured on National Review Online.

Since then Josh has been published on, Townhall, and the Daily Signal. Josh may be reached by email at: Josh.Kaib [at]

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