Franklin Center Announces Nicole Kurokawa Neily As Incoming President.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

A message from Erik Telford:

I am pleased to announce that Nicole Neily has been selected as Franklin Center’s incoming president. She will begin on March 14th. Nicki is a talented leader with a highly respected reputation among our allies and supporters, a strong understanding of policy, media savvy, and a strong record of accomplishment throughout her career. These are traits that will serve her well as she leads Franklin Center to continued success.

Having had the opportunity to work directly with Nicki over the years, and watching her rise as a star in the think tank and non-profit world, I can say without hesitation that Franklin Center is in very capable hands.

Prior to joining the Franklin Center, Nicki served as senior vice president at Dezenhall Resources, a communications firm based in Washington D.C., where she worked with Fortune 500 companies and trade associations to help them counter threats from regulatory overreach, litigation, NGO attacks, and crony capitalism. She has also been executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, and has worked for the Winston Group and the Cato Institute.

We are an organization with an incredible pool of talent, a vital mission, and a record of tremendous success. Franklin’s future is one that I believe to be long and bright, and Nicki is somebody who can build on our past success in taking it to new heights. I look forward to continuing to work with her in my capacity as a board member. I’m certain that you’ll find her enjoyable to work with, and come to share my admiration for her.

Beyond her impressive resume and qualifications, Nicki has a strong appreciation and high level of excitement for the work that Franklin Center does. It was important to me that I find a successor who is not just qualified to do the job, but is passionate about doing it. Even before approaching her about this role, I observed that Nicki would light up when talking about us. It’s something that others noticed as well. When I ran into her husband at a meeting the other month, he noted it as something that shines through often in their conversations at home.

Nicki and her family are relocating to Austin, Texas – where Franklin’s flagship Watchdog news bureau is located — and she will begin work on March 14th.

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