Watchdog follows the money as students head back to school


Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

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It’s back to school season, so what better time than now to examine the intersection of money and education? As students across the country are starting classes, our reporters are hitting the books.

They certainly have plenty to investigate. Education accounts for nearly one-third of state budgets, with some states spending even more. Are taxpayers getting their money’s worth?

As the following examples from Watchdog reporters show, there is much more to education policy than what happens in the classroom.

Making bank at the FEA

Florida’s students and teachers have gone back to school. Union officials have gone to the bank.

Watchdog’s Will Patrick reports that the Florida Education Association, the state’s teachers union, pays 43 of its officials over $100K a year. The average teacher is making less than half of that with a salary of $48,000.

Looking at the numbers another way, almost half of all union dues paid by teachers go to pay FEA officials in salary and benefits. Much of the rest of the money goes towards supporting Democratic candidates and blocking school choice with lobbying and lawsuits.

Fortunately for Florida teachers, the state’s right-to-work law means they don’t have to join their union unless they want to. But these numbers might even have diehard union members rethinking their membership.

High pay for low grades 

Mississippi’s governor makes $122,000 a year. Thirty-six school superintendents in the state make even more.

That might be fine if their school districts were doing well. But as Watchdog’s Steve Wilson reports, among those 36 school leaders, nine of them — one in four — run districts that receive a D rating from the state.

That’s not the only area where spending and performance don’t match up. Of the 10 schools that spend the least per student, there were only two C or average districts, with the rest scoring an A or a B. On the flip side, the 10 highest-spending districts didn’t have an A grade among them, with one B, seven Cs and two Ds.

The good news for taxpayers? You have proof that you can spend less money to get better results, often because of charter schools: they’ve led the way in putting more money into classrooms and less into the pockets of bureaucrats, saving money and improving students’ lives along the way.

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Bonding with taxpayers

Bonds aren’t free money, but schools in Texas seem to be acting like it.

Texas already has the second largest per-capita school bond debt in the country, and overpriced new buildings financed with large bond measures aren’t helping.

Watchdog’s Jon Cassidy has the full story of how these expensive bond measures will cost taxpayers and why a pro-bond coalition continues to lie to the public.

Plans are in place to build the most expensive junior high building in Texas history, but local officials and advocates don’t want people to know the full cost.

Fiscal irresponsibility hurts students 

In every state and school district, officials are making decisions based on dollar signs that will impact students’ futures. Our Watchdog reporters monitor education budgets at all levels, uncovering stories and spotlighting issues that need more attention.

James Wigderson exposed how a major school district in Wisconsin is raiding its maintenance fund to pay for expensive teacher health insurance plans.

Heather Kays brought readers the story of one family that is losing their school vouchers despite promises from the governor that the program would be spared from cutbacks. Emily Leayman

Emily Leayman examined how schools in Washington, DC are spending huge sums on non-teaching staff with questionable results.

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