The Franklin Center produces public interest journalism that makes an impact. We are dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility, and highlight their absence in state and local governments. We shine the bright light of transparency into government’s darkest corners, and expose the facts about government mismanagement and overreach.

Our reporting changes the world for the better. The Franklin Center’s work has led to investigations; regulatory reforms and legislative overhauls; firings and resignations; and the prevention of bad policies. We change the prevailing narrative, and lay the foundation for long-term change.

About Watchdog.org 

Watchdog.org is a project of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, a non-profit organization dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Watchdog.org’s mission is to restore oversight of our state governments, to hold politicians and bureaucrats at all levels accountable for their handling of taxpayers’ dollars and to promote innovative solutions to public policy challenges. We are committed to creating non-partisan journalism reflecting this mission in a distinctive voice deeply skeptical of the entire political process. Our stories aim to disrupt the prevailing political narrative, to provoke change, incite debate and challenge partisans of all political stripes.

As a small but nimble news organization, we are not the stenographers of record in our communities. Instead, we are the investigator for news all too often overlooked or abandoned by mainstream sources but of vital importance to our readers.