Intern Program

The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity has taken over the Institute for Humane Studies’ Journalism Program, offering competitive paid internships to college students and young professionals while providing them valuable experience on their road to a career in journalism. In Franklin Center’s inaugural year at the helm of the program, students will participate in a 10-week, full-time paid internship and distance learning through the University of California—Irvine.

Students participating in the Franklin Center’s program have the option of four main tracks: New Media, Investigative Journalism, Broadcast and Print Media. While interns will be placed at the discretion of the program director based on student interests, students will have the opportunity to learn at prestigious outlets across the country as they cultivate relationships with mentors from Franklin Center’s own and network with professionals in their placement cities.

Franklin Center offers a $4,000 stipend for the 10-week program, paid in monthly installments. Additionally, interns may receive up to $700 in travel to the internship location, if needed. Participants will be responsible for arranging and paying for their own housing at the internship site.

This internship program will cover free-market philosophy as well as basic business concepts and public administration so that students will leave at the end of the summer with the confidence and abilities to pursue future career placements. At the Franklin Center, training in technology, reporting, writing, interviewing and marketing is a regular feature of the work cycle. Completion of the course will result in Continuing Education units transferable to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

All applications are due by April 15. For more information about the Franklin Center’s intern program, contact Rachel Swaffer at [email protected].

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All applicants must be US citizens, US residents, or currently hold a US visa and be eligible to work in the United States.